About Pixolio.me

James Pierce, the creator and founder of Pixolio.me, created the original Pixolio application out of the realization that artists (including himself) do not often update their portfolio website. James felt that one of the main reasons why this happens, is when updating a website the traditional way, it takes to long to do the simplest of tasks. The Pixolio application was created to test the concept that an ease to use web application designed specifically for hosting portfolio websites would help artists keep their site up-to-date.

Nearly a year after the original application, and months of refining and tweaking, the Pixolio application became the Pixolio.me service. As the application became more powerful and robust, and more and more local artists and friends wanted to use the application, it became apparent that the Pixolio application should be hosted from a dedicated server -- this is how Pixolio.me service was born.

James Pierce has a BFA in Design Communications and is working toward a MFA in Graphic Design. He also has past experience working in video production and was first introduced to programming while in junior high. In whatever spare time he has left, he enjoys shooting rolls of 35mm and 120 film, and making cyanotype or gum bi-chromate prints.

Pixolio.me takes your security seriously, your credit card information is stored on outside servers, meeting all the strict requirements set-forth by the credit card companies. Review our privacy policy for more information.