True HTML Website

Your site is not a flash website, but a standards-compliant HTML website. Why is that important? Although Flash sites can be viewed on most computers these days, they cannot be viewed on most mobile devices and cannot be indexed by some search engines. Since your site uses HTML and CSS, it can be viewed on standard desktop computers and mobile devices without the need for a separate site. In addition, search engines will have no problem searching and indexing your site, making it more likely that someone will find you through a search engine. HTML / CSS sites are also easier to customize and make your own.

Equally important, Pixolio sites uses “clean URLs.” What are clean URLs? Clean URL is a term coined to describe "human readable" URLs. Several other services use URLs such as or, whereas your website url at would read or This is important because it looks more appealing, it is easier for visitors and search engines to read--which is beneficial for Search Engine Optimization, improving your chances to drive traffic to your site.

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