True HTML Website

Browser Compatibility

We test our designs on all major browsers, including Internet Explorer (6 through current), Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Chrome. Other browsers should work as well, even if not specifically tested as most are based off of one of the previously mentioned browsers. If you encounter an issue with a browser not listed, please let us know using our feedback forum.

Designs created for Pixolio accounts as part of a contractual agreement, will be tested by Pixolio on all the above mention browsers. However, Pixolio is not responsible for trouble-shooting design issues that arise from user altered or created designs.

Please note: Internet Explorer 6 or below is not officially supported for website administration. Although most (if not all) features should still work, if you are still using IE 6 or below, please upgrade your browser for a better, all-around, web experience.

Pixolio recommends Firefox and Safari.